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Joint Armed Forces of Washington Luncheon


JAFOWL is a special event unique to the National Capital Region. Originally known as "Joint Armed Forces Officers Wives Luncheon," JAFOWL is now the Joint Armed Forces Of Washington Luncheon. JAFOWL is closely connected to our own NOSCDC.

In June 1977, a board member of our predecessor organization, Naval Officers Wives Club, contacted Art Buchwald’s office to ask if he would speak at our monthly luncheon. Answering the telephone himself, Mr. Buchwald declined, saying that he received too many requests from military wives clubs. When asked, "What if all five of the clubs sponsored a joint luncheon?" he said he would accept the invitation. The Navy board immediately reached out to the other military clubs and all agreed it was a great idea! Thus, Mr. Buchwald was the first of a very impressive list of JAFOWL speakers and the luncheon became an annual event with a "must attend" reputation within the organizations.

The local spouse clubs from the five military services formed a coordinating committee to arrange this annual event with the purpose of promoting “jointness” by providing an opportunity to meet other armed forces spouses in a social setting. The JAFOWL committee consists of the presidents of those clubs along with a club representative and they hold planning meetings throughout the year with the various luncheon responsibilities rotating annually.

Attendance of JAFOWL is exclusive to members of Marine Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington, D.C., Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington, D.C.Air Force Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington, D.C.Coast Guard Spouses' Club of Washington, D.C., and Army Spouses' Club of Greater Washington Area. If you are interested in attending JAFOWL and qualify for NOSCDC membership, simply join NOSCDC and register for JAFOWL on the advertised date.

For more information contact our JAFOWL Committee Representative at

Past Speakers

Date Speaker Hosted By

November 1977

Mr. Art Buchwald Navy
November 1978 Mr. David Schomacher Air Force
November 1979 Mr. Alex Haley Coast Guard
November 1980 Mr. Bob Hope Army
November 1981 First Lady Nancy Reagan Marine Corps
March 1983 First Lady Barbara Bush Navy
March 1984 Colonel Guion Bluford Air Force
March 1985 The Honorable Elizabeth Dole Coast Guard
June 1986 Spirit of America Army
November 1987 Mr. H. Ross Perot Marine Corps
November 1988 Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Navy
November 1989 Mr. Art Buchwald Air Force
November 1990 Mrs. John Sununu Army
November 1991 Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed Coast Guard
November 1992 General Colin L. Powell Marine Corps
November 1993 First Lady Hillary Clinton Navy
December 1994 Ms. Katie Couric Air Force
November 1995 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” Gore Army
November 1996 General John M. Shalikashvili Coast Guard
November 1997 The Honorable Madeleine Albright Marine Corps
November 1998 General Henry H. Shelton Navy
October 1999 Mr. Tom Brokaw Air Force
November 2000 The Honorable William S. Cohen Army
March 2002 Mrs. Cokie Roberts Coast Guard
November 2002 First Lady Laura Bush Marine Corps
November 2003 Mrs. Lynne Ann Cheney Navy
May 2005 Mrs. Colin L. Powell Air Force
October 2005 President George W. Bush Army
March 2007 General Peter Pace Coast Guard
November 2007 Ms. Lee Woodruff Marine Corps
June 2009 The Honorable Robert M. Gates Navy
January 2010 First Lady Michelle Obama Air Force
May 2011 Senator Scott P. Brown (R-MA) Army
April 2012 General Martin E. Dempsey Coast Guard
May 2013 Dr. Jill Biden Marine Corps
April 2014 Ms. Lee Woodruff Navy
March 2015 Mrs. Martha Raddatz Air Force
April 2016 Mr. Gary Sinise Army
May 2017 Mrs. Taya Kyle Coast Guard
May 2018 Mrs. Ivanka Trump Marine Corps
May 2019 Dr. Carla Hayden Navy
January 2020Mrs. Jennifer Griffin, Pentagon CorrespondentAir Force
March 2022Lt Gen (ret) Susan Helms, USAF
May 2023The Honorable Christine Wormuth

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