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Neighborhood & Activity Groups

Neighborhood & activity groups are a great way for you to foster friendships, networking, and support. Leaders are busy planning interesting and fun events for your enjoyment! In the vast expanse of the D.C. metro area, neighborhood and activitygroups are a fun way to get and stay connected with Navy and other military spouses who live nearby and/or have common interests.

Go to the activity groups page and neighborhood groups page to get in touch with the leader for the group you would like to join. Also, keep an eye on the NOSCDC closed/private members-only Facebook group for additional group event information and updates.

A few of our favorite things about Neighborhood & Activity Groups:

"I really enjoy the group luncheons, love hearing stories from some of the retired spouses about what the Navy used to be like" ~Tammy

"Networking with spouses in my area! I love meeting up for lunch or wine with fellow Navy spouses" ~Julie

"Most have been members for a long time and know many things about military life. I'm still new and get to learn lots every time I join"  ~Keiko

Lots of good reasons to join Neighborhood or Activity Group!

You are new to the area and NOSCDC 

You look forward to getting to know your neighborhood and different neighborhoods in the D.C. area 

You would like to meet new NOSCDC friends 

You want to find out about favorite local spots for sightseeing and dining 

You would enjoy casual, relaxed opportunities to reconnect with military spouse friends you've made along the way during your family's active duty and/or retired Navy life

You have great ideas for fun and adventure to share with other NOSCDC members

Leadership Opportunities

Do you have a hobby, interest, or activity that you would like to share with NOSCDC member friends?

If so, there are probably others who would enjoy that also! Activity groups meet on a regular or irregular basis such as monthly, every other month, whatever works out best for the leader and members.

Contact us to get started leading an activity group, we would love to hear from you!

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